Instagram Rolls Out Direct Messaging

Instagram rolls out Direct messaging

Instagram is adding private messaging. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing social network announced the new service called Instagram Direct at a press event in Manhattan.

"Sometimes you want to be able to share not with everyone but just with a specific group," says Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.

"Honestly, our guidance is to not accept (pictures) from people that you don't know," Systrom says.

As for the people who are on your list, you'll know that they've seen what you've sent when their own profile picture materializes with a checkmark. When they like the picture, the checkmark turns to a heart.

Instagram Rolls Out Direct Messaging
Instagram Rolls Out Direct Messaging

Send Photo And Video Messages To Friends! Instagram has announced the Instagram Direct messaging feature that would allow users to send text, video, and photo messages privately.

CEO Kevin Systrom said that Instagram, with the addition of the Instagram Direct feature, has embraced messaging as a means of communication,

unlike its focus solely on photos and videos earlier.

How To Use Instagram Direct Messaging Feature? After editing a photo on your Instagram, you can share it with a maximum of 15 people.

The avatar of the recipient of the photo (if online) would light up in real time, showing the sender that he has liked/seen the message.

On the top right corner of your Instagram home screen, you will now see a fresh Inbox tab, using which you can check your recent messages. Photos and videos can be received only from people that you follow.

Instagram Direct will allow you to send an Instagram image or video to up to 15 people directly, after which point you'll be able to reply with just text, as a chat thread.

And, to stop your inbox being flooded with spam, you can only receive direct messages from people you already follow.

Other attempts will just go to your request queue, 

where you'll be able to allow or disallow them.

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